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Plug-in EV sales almost double!

2015 finished up with sales of plug-in electric vehicles having increased by 94% compared to 2014*. With every sign that sales will continue to grow in 2016, more vehicles means an ever growing demand for electric vehicle charge points.

Four years of consecutive growth

An impressive 28,188 plug-in vehicles were sold in 2015 vs 14,532 in 2014* – and there is no sign of this trend slowing down! Despite the Christmas period, December 2015 proved to be the biggest month of the year for plug-in electric vehicle sales, with more than 3,000 plug-in cars sold – the highest ever month for sales!

Plug-in vehicles include full electric, range extender and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Since the government began to record sales of plug-in electric vehicles in January 2011, there are now an impressive 47,690 electric vehicles on UK roads* (which were eligible to receive the UK government plug in car grant). If commercial vehicles and all other plug-in cars and vans are added to this total (which were not eligible for the grant), the number is almost 54,000. With four years of consecutive growth in sales, 2016 is lined up to be the fifth year in a row.

More electric vehicles fuels a growing demand for charge point installers

With 64% of all plug-in electric vehicles being purchased for company fleets**, a key driver behind sales of electric vehicle charge points is the demand to have charge points installed at commercial places of work – be it for large or smaller businesses.

The continued growth in electric vehicle sales represents a clear opportunity for electrical installers looking to diversify or grow their business. By getting involved now whilst the market is still young and growing fast, electrical installers can establish themselves as an expert in the market and grow with it, making sure they stay several steps ahead of their competition.

“As more and more businesses and vehicle owners become aware of the benefits that EVs can offer themselves and the environment, sales of EVs will continue to grow and bring the technology even further into the mainstream. In fact, we’ve seen rapid growth across the commercial sector, in particular hotels, offices, local authority premises and company fleets. But this is not to say that it isn’t a huge growth market for domestic and residential properties too”, Steve Everard, Head of Rexel Energy Solutions.

*Society of Motor Manufacturers

**EV Fleetworld


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