Use a Rexel Energeasy Drive installer?

Who are Rexel?

Rexel is the largest electrical distributor in the world, operating in 38 countries. Rexel has supplied electric vehicle charge points since they were first widely introduced in the UK, which have been installed on thousands of commercial, public and domestic properties across the country.

With Rexel you have the reassurance that all products supplied and installed by your Rexel Energeasy Drive installer have been through a strict due dilliengence process, are of a high quality and come supplied with full warranties.

To locate your nearest Energeasy Drive installer and request a survey of your property, plus a quote, click here. Or you can request a call from up to three Energeasy Drive installers nearest to you.


Commercial and public sector

All Rexel Energeasy Drive installers purchase their electric vehicle charge points from and work in partnership with Rexel Energy Solutions, who are part of Rexel. Energeasy Drive installers come recommended by Rexel, as they will give you clear and objective advice about how you can meet your vehicle charging requirements, taking into consideration the five key factors when selecting a charge point and the commercial or public sector your business/building is in.


Domestic home owners

For domestic home owners with their own electric vehicle, Rexel Energeasy Drive installers will be able to install a charge point at your home and give you good advice as to the best type of charge point to have and where best to locate it.

All Energeasy Drive installers who carry out domestic installations are approved by the UK Government body OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles), which means you can receive a government grant for up to 75% off the total cost of the charge point and its installation. This is capped at a grant of £700, including VAT.  Your installer must be OLEV approved or you will not be able to receive this grant.