Of installing electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs)

Benefits for your employees

The rapid growth in electric vehicle ownership requires a simultaneous growth in charging infrastructure – and some of these new electric vehicle owners will be your employees!

Owning an electric vehicle leads to a significant reduction in personal fuel and other running costs, which can be easily calculated using our simple and straightforward savings calculator. By installing EVCPs, this helps to support your employees, plus you could consider using EVCPs as an added benefit by offering them free or cheap electricity at work in order to charge their vehicle.

Installing EVCPs also helps to drive the uptake of electric vehicles that you have added to your fleet. By making an electric vehicle a viable option for your employees to drive, they will benefit through a significantly lower rate of Benefit in Kind tax and personal fuel costs.

Benefits for your customers

In addtion to your employees, many new electric vehicle owners may also be your potential customers.

Special car park spaces have already been created by all types of organisations, in order to attract more custom. For example, special wide parking bays for parents with children at supermarkets, cinemas, railway stations, motorway service stations and in multi-storey car parks.

Installing an EVCP can therefore become an additional benefit for customers and other visitors, which can help to attract more custom and potentially make you the destination of choice over a local competitor. For example, customers visiting a cafe or fast food outlet where they typically only spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour, would benefit greatly from either a very fast or rapid charging EVCP.

Remember, when you make the EVCPs available for use by the public, they  can potentially be  displayed on vehicles’ satnavs and on online charging point maps, pinpointing your organisation as place where electric vehicle drivers can enjoy the benefits of charging up, while they visit you. 

Public relations benefits

Adding electric vehicles to your fleet and matching this with the required EVCPs at your premises will help your organisation to both achieve any published CSR goals (Corporate and Social Responsibility) and meet the criteria laid down by ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme), which company’s of a certain size have to comply with.

 Installing EVCPs also provides a great opportunity to make a public statement about your organisation, in order to increase awareness of your organisation’s environmental credentials, through encouraging the use of electric vehicles. In addition, providing EVCPs are of a clear benefit to employees, so again this can add to your reputation by demonstrating how you are aiming to look after both the environment and your work force.