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Electric Vehicle Charging

Knowing where to start when choosing the right type electric vehicle charge point for your business or home is key. That’s where Energeasy Drive comes in.

Energeasy Drive will tell you all you need to know about electric vehicle charging and help you choose the best charging solution to suit both your location and your type of property. Plus, in just a few clicks, Energeasy Drive can put you in touch with a specialist Rexel Energeasy Drive charge point installer. If you need 1 or more electric vehicle charge points, then get started with Energeasy Drive.

Electric Vehicles

What types and makes of electric vehicle are available? Which type would be best for me? What are the costs and benefits of “going electric”? Energeasy Drive will help you answer all of these questions and more, whether you are considering adding electric vehicles to your company fleet or buying one for your own private use.

With Energeasy Drive you can discover the wide range of vehicles available, the financial incentives and calculate how much you, or your business, could save when you go electric! If you want to know more, then get started with Energeasy Drive.

Who is Rexel?

Energeasy Drive is brought to you by Rexel, the largest electrical distributor in the world, operating in 38 countries. Rexel has supplied electric vehicle charge points since they were first widely introduced in the UK, which have been installed on thousands of commercial, public and domestic properties across the country.