Electric vehicle

Types and makes of electric vehicle

What types of electric vehicle are there?

There are four types – full 100% electric, extended range, plug-in hybrids and full hybrids. With Energeasy Drive, you can also browse the range of electric vehicles available.

Which car manufacturers make electric vehicles? Is there a wide range available?

Most mainstream car manufacturers now offer one or more types of electric vehicle, so you can be reassured that “going electric” is now a viable mainstream choice. Makes include Volkswagen, Nissan, Vauxhall, Renault, Audi, BMW and Mercedes to name but a few! Browse the range of electric vehicles available.

How can you locate a dealership and arrange a test drive?

With Energeasy Drive, you can browse the range of electric vehicles available and then in a couple of clicks locate a dealership and arrange a test drive.

Driving an electric vehicle

How far can you drive in an electric vehicle?

This will depend on the type of electric vehicle you buy. A full 100% electric vehicle offers a range of around 100 miles, but extended range and plug-in hybrids will take you further.

How can you decide which is the best type of electric vehicle for you?

Even if the range of a full electric vehicle is smaller than your usual daily mileage, going electric is still a viable option if you can charge up when you get to your destination, or even enroute. If you undertake much longer journeys each day, then an extended range or a plug in hybrid is possibly your best choice.

How often do you have to replace the electric vehicle’s battery?

Manufacturers predict that, based on a mix of normal short, medium and longer distance driving conditions, batteries will reduce to between 70% and 80% of their original capacity after 8 to 10 years.

Costs and savings

How much does an electric vehicle cost compared to a fuel powered car?

Generally they cost more, but the UK government currently offers companies and private individuals a grant of up to £8,000 for vans and £5,000 for cars, which is taken off the purchase price.

How much can I save on fuel and tax each year if I drive an electric vehicle?

Check out our simple and straightforward savings calculator, to see how much you could save and learn about all of the financial incentives.

What tax savings can you make when your company car is an electric vehicle?

You will pay less in company car tax Benefit in Kind tax vs a petrol/diesel vehicle. So that’s more money in their monthly wage packets and less paid out in tax!

What are the financial benefits of adding electric vehicles to your company fleet?

There are range of savings to be made, including: a significant reduction in fuel costs, lower Vehicle Excise Duty, up to 100% discount on the London congestion charge and an Enhanced capital allowance.