After sales care for charge points

Why maintain your charge points?

If you are a commercial business, or a public sector organisation, and need to charge your organisation’s vehicles for business/operational reasons, a non-functioning charge point could be the equivalent of a petrol station running out of petrol/diesel when your car is running on empty! The same would apply to a private individual trying to use a publicly available charge point (e.g. in a town car park or the car park of a retail store or restaurant). 

A regular programme of annual preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your charge points remain in operation and perform to their full potential, especially if they need to transmit data - for example, to accept credit/debit bank cards as a form of payment for using the charge point, or RFID cards as part of controlling access to it.

Looking after your business, employees and customers

All electrical equipment should be checked and maintained on a yearly basis as standard, to ensure it is working safely. This becomes even more important if you look at the repercussions of a charge point failing to work.  Not only will it provide a negative experience for the user, but it could impact on your business or organisation’s operation, if you needed a vehicle charged for company use.

Similarly, if you failed to provide the promised charging facility for a customer, it could damage your relationship with them and you may lose them.

Maintenance packages

Having an EVCP maintained on a regular basis allows you to ensure as much as possible that your EVCPs are in full working order 24/7.

What is included in an annual servicing and maintenance package (and its price) will vary by different charge point manufacturers and not all manufacturers offer one. For those that do, typically they can include:

  • 1 or 2 on site service inspections per year
  • Priority response times - same day/next day/48 hours emergency repairs
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Out of hours engineer support
  • Remote detection of faults and rectification (external  networks only)
  • Remote software updates (external  networks only)

Your Rexel Energeasy Drive installer will be able to advise you about which maintenance packages are available from each charge point manufacturer and ensure the one you choose is “fit for purpose”, depending on your business and operational requirements.

To locate your nearest Energeasy Drive installer and request a survey of your property, plus a quote, click here. Or you can request a call from up to three Energeasy Drive installers nearest to you.