& servicing costs

Fuel savings

If you opt for a full 100% electric or an extended range electric vehicle, you have the potential to make up to a four figure sum in fuel savings each year, depending on how many miles you drive annually. This is because the cost in electricity of charging your electric vehicle’s battery, is significantly much less compared to filling up a conventional vehicle with petrol/diesel.

FACT: it can cost as little as 2p per mile to power a vehicle using its electric motor, compared to up to 12p per mile for a conventional petrol/diesel car!1

As a general guide, to fully charge your battery will cost around £2 to £3 and will give a typical range of 100 miles, depending on how you drive the car. Driving 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car will cost around £12 to £18 in fuel which is around six times the cost of an electric car2. Your annual fuel savings will of course vary depending on how far you drive; your electricity tariff; the make and model of your current fuel powered vehicle and the electric vehicle you purchase.

Plug in hybrid vehicles also offer savings on fuel, as their electric motor increases the efficiency of the vehicle so it uses less fuel, plus you can make journeys purely using the hybrid vehicle’s electric motor.

Check out our simple and straightforward savings calculator, to see how much you could save on fuel and when you take all of the savings into consideration when you go electric.

1 The AA.

2 Energy Savings Trust

Servicing cost savings

The cost of servicing a 100% electric vehicle is anticipated to be lower, as there are fewer mechanical components compared to a conventional petrol/diesel vehicle. Just how much lower is not yet known, due to a general lack of availability of data to support this. Energyeasy Drive will monitor this and report back as more information becomes available.