Which type
Of electric vehicle is best for me?

Most concerns to date around owning an electric vehicle are around how far you can drive in one journey and the availability of electric vehicles amongst popular makes and models, which give us the reassurance that “going electric” is now a viable mainstream choice.

Most mainstream and some luxury car manufacturers now offer an electric vehicle option, with new additions to ranges being added every year. Makes include Volkswagen, Nissan, Vauxhall, Renault, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and even Porsche to name but a few!

The first stage would be to look at typically how far you drive each day. Remember, even if the range of a full electric or extended-range vehicle is smaller than your usual daily mileage (e.g. to work and back), going electric is still a viable option if you can charge up when you get there.

Secondly, consider what small changes you could make, to make owning an electric vehicle a viable option. Many of us often drive longer distances at weekends compared to during the week, when we go on days out and visit friends/family. For example, this may mean sometimes filling up your extended-range vehicle fuel tank as part of the journey, but it may well be worth it when you consider the annual savings you can make and the range of other financial incentives available.

If you undertake much longer journeys each day, then a plug in hybrid is possibly your best choice. Remember, they emit less CO2 and use less fuel than a conventional petrol/diesel car, so you should still make an attractive annual saving and help reduce our CO2 emissions.

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