Buy an electric vehicle?

Using a petrol or diesel vehicle to get around is all we have ever known, so taking that leap to a car powered by electricity may, for some, appear to be a daunting prospect. But electric vehicle technology has now advanced so far, that the wide range of electric vehicles on the market means that most peoples’ driving requirements can be met.

You will find that nearly all mainstream car manufacturers offer an electric vehicle option, with new additions to ranges being added to every year. From a VW Golf to an Audi A3, a Mercedes B-Class to even a Porsche Panamera, both mainstream and luxury car brands have advanced the electric car to be one which is now being purchased in multiples of thousands every year.

Their benefits speak for themselves – reduced to zero CO2 and annual car tax, plus a huge potential saving on petrol/diesel fuel, all add to up to saving you money year on year. If your electric car is also your company car, you will also make a saving on the benefit-in-kind tax you have to pay. Plus, buying an electric car does not always mean that it is that much more expensive than its petrol/diesel equivalent, once  you take off the purchase price the UK Government grant that is currently available .

Check out our simple and straightforward savings calculator, to see how much you could save, and learn more about all of the financial incentives available.

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