EV Homecharge scheme

If you are, or are about to become, the owner or primary user of a new or second hand plug-in electric or hybrid vehicle, you may be eligible for a Government grant  to help you buy your vehicle charge point! This grant is currently only available to domestic electric vehicle owners, or primary users of a company vehicle. It is not available to commercial or public sector organisations, intending to install vehicle charge points for their employees or customers.

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme is designed to help electric vehicle drivers reduce the upfront cost of the purchase and installation of a dedicated charge point at their home. It is administered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which is a UK Government body that is part of the Department of Transport.

Why do I need a charge point at home?

You will need to recharge your vehicle when it is not in use (typically overnight), so you need to have access to a garage, drive or other off-street parking area. You can use an existing mains socket, but this will only allow you to charge your vehicle at the slowest speed possible, so a dedicated electric vehicle charge point is recommended, which will allow you to charge it fully at a much faster rate. Also, a dedicated point can be installed in the most convenient location possible for your car to recharge.

If you only have on-street parking, then you can still apply to have a public on-street charge point installed outside your property (see below).

What is the value of the grant available?

If you are the registered keeper, lessee or have primary use of an eligible electric vehicle (for a minimum period of 6 months), you can receive up to 75% off the total cost of the charge point and its installation, capped at a maximum of £500 including VAT.

Whilst makes of charge point offered and their prices will vary between charge point installers, for an off-street fitted charge point you can expect to pay between £200 and £300 for a standard installation, once the grant has been taken into account.

How to claim the grant

You do not need to apply for the grant separately or pay the full price of the charge point and then reclaim the benefit. The process of claiming the grant and building it into the price you pay for the charge point is all taken care of by the installer of the charge point.

The grant can only be claimed on your behalf by installers who have been authorised by OLEV. Unauthorised installers cannot claim the grant. To locate your nearest OLEV authorised Energeasy Drive installer click here , or you can request a call from up to three Energeasy Drive installers nearest to you, in order to obtain a range of advice about fitting your charge point and a competitive quote.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for The Electric Vehicle Homecharge grant, you must fit one of the following categories:

  • Be the registered keeper of a new or second hand eligible electric vehicle from 1 September 2014 onwards.
  • Have been assigned an eligible company electric vehicle for at least 6 months, from 1 September 2014 onwards.
  • Have leased an eligible electric vehicle for at least 6 months from 1 September 2014 onwards.
  • Be the user of an eligible commercial fleet electric vehicle and be named as the primary user for at least 6 months, from 1 September 2014 onwards.

Additional criteria you must meet:

  • You need to have off street parking facilities suitable for charge point installation.
  • The date of installation must not be more than four months before the date your electric vehicle is delivered, or the date from when you will begin to use your vehicle for the first time.

You will not be eligible for the grant if:

  • You sometimes use a company electric vehicle, but are not named as the primary user.
  • If you borrow an electric vehicle from friends or family.

What if I do not have off street parking or live in a flat/apartment?

If you do not have off street parking, your Local Authority may be able to help via a central Government grant to install a charge point by or near to your home.  For this to be possible, your Local Authority must have applied to join the Government scheme which makes this funding available to them.

Once the on street charge point is installed, it would be publicly accessible and not restricted to use by the resident who requested it. That said, most local authorities can introduce reasonable parking restrictions to help manage your access to the charge point.

If you live in a flat or apartment, installing one or more charge points will depend on who owns the land where the parking space sits and the availability of a suitable electricity supply. The decision to install a charge point may rest with the landlord of the apartment block, rather than the Local Authority.

Vehicle eligibility

You will not be entitled to the Electric Vehicle Homecharge grant if your electric vehicle does not meet the UK Government’s criteria. Your vehicle will not be eligible if:

  • You came into possession of your electric vehicle before 1 September 2014, or
  • If it does not meet the required minimum CO 2 emissions. Nearly all electric vehicles do meet this criteria, with a couple of exceptions amongst high performance vehicles.

The full list of eligible vehicles can be found here .

For how long will the Homecharge Scheme grant be available?

The grant is expected to remain in place throughout 2016 and may be extended beyond it. Any further update may be forthcoming in the Government's next annual budget The Government has also reserved the right to terminate the grant at any time and will aim to provide 4 weeks notice.